Sad Birthday

Slacker and Steve - Most Birthdays Are Fun. Hers Is Cursed. 1/16 (Audio)

Way to take one for the team! This KC Chiefs fan is a known bad luck charm, so he will stay home while they play their championship game! When have you been cursed?
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Slacker and Steve - There's a Fine Line Between "Collection" and "Junk" 8/14 (Audio)

Remember Pogs? Those are pretty much worthless now. And Beanie Babies? Just toss them. What are your worthless collections?
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BJ and Jamie - Terrell Owens Storage Locker Auctioned Off 4/8 (Audio)

Terrell oOwens had a storage locker with LOADS of football memorabelia in it. He forgot to pay the bill and it got sold off!!
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P!nk Responds to Internet Trolls After National Anthem Performance

P!nk performed the national anthem ahead of last night's game, and she did so while battling a nasty case of the flu. We thought she killed, but apparently, other viewers were not as impressed as we were. In fact, one "Twitter troll" wrote that Pink's performance "sucked," and he said that anyone...
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