freak accident

Lawn Chair

Lawn Chairs Are Relaxing, but They Can Kill You!

ONE OF MY BIGGEST FEARS! A long metal tool fell out of a truck and impaled a woman in the car behind the truck. She is expected to be okay. What's the freakiest thing that has happened to you?
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Slacker and Steve - This Is Why You're Not Supposed to Jump on the Bed! 8/6 (Audio)

THIS is why fishing is scary. An 11 year old was fishing when the hook got stuck in his eye and cheek! One woman flipped her car trying to avoid a squirrel. And don’t you dare go to the bathroom during a thunderstorm because the toilet might explode! What are your freak accidents?
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Slacker and Steve - You Might Not Think It, but Escalators Can Be Dangerous! 5/10 (Audio)

No way. A sprinter for the Georgia Bulldogs was seriously hurt when a javelin pierced the middle of his back. It went 5-6 inches deep and caused his left lung to collapse. A complete freak accident. What are your freak accidents?
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