Slacker and Steve – It’s Going To Upset a Lot of People, But Slacker Thinks the Show ‘Friends’ Is Overrated 11/30 (Audio)

The yellow starbursts are by far the best flavor, Friends is overrated, and the Kardashians ARE entertainment. What are your unpopular opinions?
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Slacker and Steve - There are Good Neighbors, There are Bad Neighbors, and There are THESE Neighbors 11/16 (Audio)

We don’t want this as our neighbor. A man parked all 38 of his cars on the street. ALL 38. He has a sort of rental car company and his neighbors weren’t too happy with it. What’s your nasty neighbor story?
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BJ & Jamie: Bj Bet On Jamie's Relationship 11/9

Jamie just found out that BJ and Her friend Paul have made a bet on how long her relationship with Okie Dokie will last, He bet that it would last until Christmas but Paul said no way would it last until Thanksgiving, this morning we find out that they both lost! We find out this morning that it is...
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - Whose Side Do You Choose When Both Your Friends Are Cheating? 10/31 (Audio)

Candy really needs your help! Candy is still good friends with her ex and his family, but she found out some interesting news. Her ex’s dad is having an affair with her best friend. She still really cares about her ex, so should she tell him? But it’s her best friend, so should she stay out of it?
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Slacker and Steve - That Great Weekend Your Coworker Had? They're Probably Lying to You About It 10/29 (Audio)

30% of us lie to our coworkers about our weekends. Instead of being honest and talking about how you binge watched a whole series on Netflix and finished a bag of Doritos, you’d say that you worked out, went to a bar or restaurant and had so much fun, or went on a road trip. What’s the biggest lie...
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David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer Has The Perfect Response To The Thief That Looks Like Ross From 'Friends'

No one told him life was gonna be this way
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - He's Willing to Make a Great Donation, but His Wife is Unsure About It 10/18 (Audio)

Daniel and Shanna’s friends have been trying to have a baby but haven’t had any success. They found out that his swimmers are the problem. Their friend asked if he could make a “donation” and Daniel agreed immediately. He loves his friends and would give a kidney to them. Shanna isn’t too...
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Slacker and Steve - Did It For a Friend 9/24 (Audio)

Danny DeVito sucked snake poison out of his friend’s hand. Another person fought off a bear for their friend. Meghan Markle’s friend introduced her to Prince Harry…high standards here. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a friend?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP: Wing Woman 8/13 (Audio)

Matt is frustrated with his girlfriend. Her friend recently went through a nasty divorce and asked Matt’s girlfriend to go out with her to be her wing woman. It was fine at first, but it’s become a routine. Now they booked a trip to Vegas and Matt is done with it. He doesn’t want to seem insecure,...
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Jennifer Aniston

How You Doin? Jennifer Aniston Considers A Return To ‘Friends’

“I fantasize about it” says Aniston
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