Slacker and Steve - You Want to Meet Your Roommates, Not Meat Your Roommates 1/9 (Audio)

Do you pay your bills on time? Do you do chores? Do you wash dishes? Do you take out the trash WITHOUT BEING ASKED? If you said yes, you’d make the perfect roommate. What’s your rotten roommate story?
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Slacker and Steve - We Got Updated on the Teresa and Cathy Situation, and It's Not Good 1/8 (Audio)

So…it’s clear that Teresa and Cathy aren’t friends anymore…What’s the stupid reason you’re not friends with someone anymore?
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Do you suffer from "Venmo Anxiety?” It's a Real Thing!

Social media makes it easier than ever to find out when everyone is out having fun and you're not. That can become extra tough when you see your friends are out together, and they didn't invite you. Venmo, the digital wallet APP that let's make and share payments with friends, also will rat out...
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