Woman with Contact Lens

Slacker and Steve - Where Did THIS Come From!? 10/22 (Audio)

What a second! A runner wrote “Jesus Saves” on his race bib, and collapsed while running. BUT DON’T WORRY because a nurse named Jesus came to the rescue! What are your “Wouldn’t Believe Me If I Told You” stories?
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Woman with Hair Dryer

Slacker and Steve - Her Trick to Keep Warm at Night Will Blow You Away! 10/22 (Audio)

One man has ate nothing but mac n cheese for 17 years, and one woman was living in her van with 300 rats. What are your strange addictions?
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Kid Playing Piano

Slacker and Steve - This Kid Ended Up In Big Treble! 10/21 (Audio)

Stolen car? Bad. Running it into a Lamborghini? Bad! By a 14 year old?! BAD!! What have your kids ruined?
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Confused Neighbors

Slacker and Steve - She Found an Unusual Way to Make Her Neighbors Feud 10/18 (Audio)

Some neighbors are great, and some could move away and you wouldn’t care. This man had such a bad feud that he drove his car into their house! What’s the biggest feud you’ve had?
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Dramatic Thinking

Slacker and Steve - The Two E's in the Word "Pee" Are Silent 10/18 (Audio)

Did you know if you worked every single day, making $5000/day, from the time Columbus sailed to America, to the time you are reading this post, you would still not be a billionaire, and you would still have less money than Jeff Bezos makes in a week. What are your shower thoughts?
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Kid Drinking

Slacker and Steve - Tore Down a Wall Because I Was Bored...It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 10/18 (Audio)

“I wanted to show my friend that butter knives are really not sharp and ended up with a scar on my hand.”
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Slacker and Steve - After Hearing This, Steve Had to Leave the Room 10/17 (Audio)

Things are getting icky. A drunk plane passenger was escorted off a plane after throwing up on a woman’s head, forcing the crew to clean her up in the sink. What are your barf stories?
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Above-Ground Pool

Slacker and Steve - Um, Honey, Are You Sure the Pool Will Fit In Our Yard? 10/17 (Audio)

That’s a lot of money…we spend $2,429 on impulse purchases each year and pretty much regret all of them. Clothing, jewelry, boats, and a piece of land that makes you a lord could all be impulse purchase. What’s your biggest impulse buy?
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Coffee Shop

Slacker and Steve - Slacker Is Way Better at This Than Steve! 10/16 (Audio)

Steve has never been in a Starbucks by himself, and he’s a little scared about being judged there. Here’s some tips to order your drink without the barista judging you: order in the right sequence, start with the drink size, don’t try to be funny with your name, and don’t hover asking “is this mine...
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Slacker and Steve - Guacamole: Both Delicious and Dangerous! 10/16 (Audio)

NO WAY! A woman was golfing with her husband when she accidentally hit the ball straight towards the water. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. An ALLIGATOR JUMPED UP and GRABBED the ball out of the air with its mouth. What’s your “wouldn’t believe me if I told ya” story?
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