Casino Moves Card Tables Outdoors

A casino in Tracy is adapting to the reality of COVID-19 by moving card games such as blackjack and poker outdoors. See the details of the casino’s new setup.
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BJ and Jamie - Vegas Re Opens 6/4 (Audio)

Casinos in Vegas reopened last night at midnight. Are you itching to go?
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Gambling Sites Are Taking Bets on How Many People Get COVID-19

Would you put down money to guess how many people get coronavirus? Several illegal gambling sites are taking bets on how many people are getting COVID-19.
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BJ & Jamie: One Person Wins $450Million Power Ball. 3/19

One winner of the Powerball wins $450Million.. it was won back east and it all goes to one person. There is a story of a guy who won 19 Million he split with his Ex-wife and now he is totally broke and hooked on a $4,000 an month heroin addiction. His first purchase was a Gold PT Cruiser. He now...
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Bj & Jamie: $559.7 Lottery Winner Wants To Stay Anonymous. 2/7 (Audio)

Woman who won lottery would like to stay anonymous because she is very active in her community and does not want to be known as the lady with half a billion bucks. The lottery board says the rules are that all winners must be made public to prevent fraud. Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of Why...
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BJ & Jamie: $500 Million Powerball Winners Still Living Their Normal Life. 7/5 (AUDI0)

Florida Couple who won over $300 million they have done nothing since the win… not even a new car. They still go to the same stores and even buy lottery tickets. Read all about this couple HERE! Video of Couple who won $528 MILLION Powerball jackpot have not moved home, barely upgraded their cars...
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