Holiday Pro Tips with Slacker, Steve, and Amber

What Amber does is actually really smart! She will get one gift, and give it to everyone! This way you don't have to get specific things for everyone! What are your gift hacks?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - Her Daughter Received a Very Nice Gift from Her Crush, but It May Have Been Too Expensive 12/26 (Audio)

Megan has a 14-year-old daughter and earlier this week, she brought home a beautiful necklace from her crush. But it’s not a fake one, it’s a real necklace from a real jeweler. Megan talked to his mom and she admitted that he’s been saving for a couple of summers for it. Megan knows her daughter...
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Slacker and Steve - She Won A Lot of Money from a Scratch-Off, but Her Friend Thinks Half of It Is Hers 12/19 (Audio)

WHOA THERE. We’ve got 2 callers on the line that really need some help. Cathy and Teresa have been best friends for 10+ years and had Secret Santa at work. Teresa gave Cathy winning lotto scratchers worth $5,000 and Cathy thought it was the Secret Santa gift, when Teresa bought a candle as the gift...
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Slacker and Steve - She Got a Gift Basket Filled With Cherry-Flavored Stuff. The Only Problem Is That She's Allergic to Cherries 12/5 (Audio)

Uhhh, thank you? A woman was given USED bottles of LUBE by her STEPMOM as a WEDDING SHOWER GIFT. Another person got a hairbrush, but they were going through chemo for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the time. Awkward. What’s the weirdest gift you’re received?
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Slacker and Steve - Worst Gift Ever (Audio)

I don't care what people think, socks are a great gift. A dirty mug, an alcohol bottle without the alcohol, and a toilet seat on the other hand are pretty rough gifts. What’s the worst gift you’ve gotten?
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