going to hell

Lemonade Stand

Slacker and Steve - These Lemonade Stands Have a Sour Side! 2/13 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about why they're going to hell. It turns out everybody on the show has done some pretty bad things! Why are you going to hell?
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Lemon Eyes

Slacker and Steve - She Got Angry. Then Things Turned Sour 8/21 (Audio)

This couple is definitely going to hell…They faked a pregnancy, faked the baby’s birth, and then faked the baby’s death! They even posted an obituary for him! Why are you going to hell?
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Slacker and Steve - No One's Judging...OK, Nevermind, We're Judging You 2/26 (Audio)

A couple stole $1.2 million from a church to pay for trips to Walt Disney World, but it sounds like they have a different destination…Why are you going to Hell?
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