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BJ and Jamie - Lara Spencer Apologize For Making Fun of Ballet 8/26 (Audio)

Lara Spencer is facing HUGE backlash after making fun of Prince George for being forced into ballet. Video of 'GMA' Host Laughs at Prince George Taking Ballet
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WATCH: Liam Payne Announces Release Date for Debut Album

Liam Payne just revealed that his debut album will drop on September 14.
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Demi Lovato Will Offer "Group Therapy" Sessions Before Her Concerts

Demi Lovato’s tour will include a very important opportunity for some of her fans. She is going to offer opportunities for free therapy to her fans at each stop on the tour. Lovato’s concerts on the Tell Me You Love Me Tour will be preceded by inspirational speeches. The tour will also feature...
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Is April the Giraffe Pregnant Again?

April the Giraffe may be pregnant again. One of the biggest events of 2017 centered around waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth at Animal Adventure Park in NY. We all began watching her live stream in February to see when he calf would make its debut. A male calf, Tajiri, finally was born on...
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WATCH: Kesha Performs 'Praying' on Good Morning America

We are so happy Kesha is back with new music. She's come a long way since her debut hit "Tick Tock" came out in late 2008! She endured quite the fight too with the Dr. Luke drama over the last year or so. But she's persevered and come out on top and with some amazing new music. She performed this...
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