Shoppers Arrested for Fighting Over Social Distancing Floor Arrows in Goodwill

Two shoppers were arrested on Wednesday after a physical dispute over one-way directional arrows set up to encourage social distancing in a Tampa-area Goodwill, according to court documents.
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BJ and Jamie - Would You Take The $46k? 10/01 (Audio)

A woman accidently donated $46K to a Goodwill. A man working at the Goodwill did the right thing and found the person who accidently donated the money, so it could be returned. BJ thinks a bunch of drug dealers are the ones who really left it, so he said he would take the money! Jamie said...
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Sam Hill: Dog Gets Unemployment and The Weirdest Donation Ever!

Happy Thursday! Did you hear about the dog in Michigan that was approved for unemployment benefits? Yeah, kinda makes you wonder about gov efficiency... or wonder more, rather. I once received a credit card offer for my cat. Dog gets approved for unemployment benefits: —...
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