Slacker and Steve - These Grandmas Are Cooler Than We Are! 6/27 (Audio)

These are some great grandmas. One grandma found a cobra outside around kids, so she grabbed a shovel and killed it. Another grandma held a suspected car thief at gunpoint until cops arrived. What are your grandma gone gaga stories?
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Slacker and Steve - These Grandparents Are Incredible 11/23 (Audio)

A Korean War veteran saved a woman from being robbed with a knife in London. When the 88-year-old man saw 5 young men trying to take her purse, he sprang into action. He ran up to one man and karate chopped him in the neck, leaving him in a "semi-conscious" state. This ended up scaring off the...
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BJ & Jamie: Sean's Mother is Moving into His House. 4/5 (AUDIO)

Mom is moving in at Sean’s house! This may not be the best decision he has ever made. His wife Shaina says that she is going to work a lot more so she dosen't have to be at home with her all alone. And there is a issue with her dogs. What is Sean going to do?! Video of Funny granny
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