growing up

Slacker and Steve - These Band Teachers Should Be Banned! 1/29 (Audio)

There are some teachers who you can’t thank enough, and then some who make you wonder how they even became a teacher. This teacher was blackmailed by a student for after having an affair. What are your terrible teacher stories?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Wants to Help Her Friend, but She Knows It Might Ruin Their Friendship 1/14 (Audio)

We received an anonymous letter from a 16 year old who’s worried about their best friend. Their best friend has been smoking pot and doing coke with her boyfriend. They say their best friend isn’t like this. Both of them drink a little, but they aren’t the type to do anything bad. They’re concerned...
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Slacker and Steve - Wait, Mice Can't Climb Stairs? What Other Lies Have We Been Believing? 1/8 (Audio)

“It's illegal to keep the light on in a car.” “Accidentally eat fruit seed? A tree is going to grow in your stomach.” “You're going to have it all figured out by your 20s.” HA. What are some other lies you believed as a child?
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Slacker and Steve - Steve Grew Up a Little Differently Than Slacker Did 12/21 (Audio)

We all knew those kids growing up that had Lunchables every day, wore Air Jordan's, and had their birthday parties at Water World or Chuck-E-Cheese. What were some of the tell-tale signs for you that showed you or your friends that you were rich growing up?
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