grown up

Slacker and Steve - Woah! You're Eating a Frozen TV Dinner!? What a Delicacy! 2/21 (Audio)

When you’re a kid, your perception of things can be a little skewed. You might have thought that these things were really fancy, but they’re super normal: Olive Garden, wine, makeup, flying in an airplane or wearing high heels. What did you think was fancy as a kid?
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Slacker and Steve - Millennials Are Having Trouble Being Adults 12/14 (Audio)

Remember spending thousands and thousands of dollars going to school? Well, now you can go to Adulting School! Learn things like cooking, budgeting, or time management. Good idea or foolish?
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Slacker and Steve - Kids Are In a Rush to Grow Up, and Adults Just Want to Be Kids Again 10/23 (Audio)

Being an adult is difficult. There’s bills, work, bills, no free time and more bills. But there are also benefits like you can eat ice cream for breakfast and no one can stop you. What’s the best and worst thing about being an adult?
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