BJ & Jamie: Families Demand Change at Trump's Listening Session. 2/22 (AUDIO)

The number one story in the news right now is the debate over guns and gun violence. The schools are going to start having armed guards at schools to try to help with this but is banning guns really the way to go? President Trump held a Listening session yesterday and families and parents of the...
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Sam Hill: Eat Your Leftovers, Trebek Ate WHAT and Nala Has Been Named!

Hey there guys, So.. if you're a leftovers kinda person, we have something in common! I love eating leftovers but evidently, a new study shows that Americans are wasting a LOT of food (27 million tons every year!) simply because a lot of us have stopped eating leftovers. Denver residents were...
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Woman Kicked Off Plane For Gun Stilletos

A woman tried to fly from Baltimore, Maryland, with gun stilletos and bullet strap bracelets in a carry-on bag. She was delayed and eventually left the shoes and bracelets to catch her flight. A TSA spokeswoman said on Twitter that the accessories were 'less than ideal'. TSA rules state replica...
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