Halloween Candy

Sam Hill: Baby Eviction Notice, Halloween Candy Spending and Puth Nearly Pukes

Currently, I'm standing in the studio and I keep looking out the window, waiting for it to snow. I know it's not going to be significant snowfall, but I still get so excited. At this time, from my vantage point on the 11th floor of our building in the Tech Center, I can see some haze coming in over...
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Sam Hill: ICYMI- Most Popular Halloween Candy By State, Linkin Park Carpool Karaoke and More!

Let's chat for a moment about Halloween Candy... what are some of your favorites? I would say that my top 3 would have to be 1) Almond Joy, 2) Hershey Special Dark and 3) Laffy Taffy. What about you? The fine folks at Candystore.com have compiled all their information to list what the most popular...
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