that happened


Excuse Me, Sir. Please Don't Use That To Blow Your Nose

A woman bought a pregnancy test, took it, didn’t like the answer (it was positive), so she took it back and tried to RETURN IT. A USED PREGNANCY TEST. Yup. That happened. What’s the biggest moment you have that just made your jaw drop?
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Slacker and Steve - Is There Anything in Leviticus About Birds? 1/23 (Audio)

That wasn’t supposed to happen! While the groom got up to give a speech, a guest’s phone automatically connected to the speaker and started to play what was on his phone last…which was porn from the night before. That happened. What are your “That Happened” stories?
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Slacker and Steve - When She Woke Up, Her Lawn Was Missing 1/3 (Audio)

Uhhh…that happened. A Florida couple was arrested for having sex on the sidewalk. Some thieves in California stole a woman’s new lawn…16 feet of turf. So…yup, that happened. What moments just left you in shock?
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