Heinz Ketchup Releases All-Red Puzzle to Keep You Entertained While in Quarantine

For those looking for a real puzzle challenge, Heinz Ketchup has created an all-red puzzle that will frustrate even the best puzzle enthusiasts. There are 570 red pieces in the puzzle.
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BJ and Jamie - Mayocue 3/6 (Audio)

Heinz is going to release a new creation. MAYOCUE. After the sucess of mayochup (Ketchup plus mayonaise) Heinz has decided to release mayocue and mayostard.
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BJ & Jamie: Bad timing for a Recall! 11/23 (AUDIO)

Heinz Pork Gravy recall for wrong product in the jar.. the product is still safe but may not have Pork Gravy in the jar it could be Au Jus! So we play the game 'This is like BLANK'. Recalling Gravy before Thanksgiving is like recalling fireworks before the 4th of July! Read about the RECALL HERE...
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