Rescue Workers

Slacker and Steve - The Guys Don't Think They Could Ever Be THIS Brave 1/7 (Audio)

These are some brave kiddos! What's the bravest thing you've done?
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Message In a Bottle

Slacker and Steve - He Owes His Life to a Message In a Bottle 9/12 (Audio)

We’re all used to calling texting now, but these hikers had to resort to a really old way of communicating. They hiked across a river, but the water rose faster than they expected, so they sent a message in a bottle. Luckily for them, two other hikers found the bottle and got help. What are your...
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Slacker and Steve - He's Not the Hero We Need, but the Hero We Deserve: The Bark Knight 5/29 (Audio)

WE. DON’T. DESERVE. DOGS. Home invaders busted their way into a family’s house, and held the dad at gunpoint. That’s when the family dog came to the rescue. The gunmen shot at the pup twice, hitting her once, but don’t worry. She will make a full recovery. What are your hero pet stories?
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Slacker and Steve - This Woman Fought Off Three Bears, and They Weren't Looking for Porridge 5/15 (Audio)

A Nebraska farmer got his leg caught in an auger, and the only way to save his life, was to cut his own leg off with a pocket knife. Another woman played dead after being stabbed, and trekked 6 miles to safety. What’s the bravest thing you’ve done?
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