Hillary Clinton

BJ & Jamie: What's Wrong? (Audio)

Hillary Clinton’s health is back in the news. She suffered a bad coughing fit at a rally over the weekend, and blamed it on thinking of Trump. Apparently she had another coughing fit on her plane after the rally when she was speaking with the press. She took a bottle of water, went into the back of...
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6 Pictures of the Clinton's Playing With Balloons at the DNC You Must See

The balloons seemed to steal the show at the DNC on Thursday. They LOVED the balloons! Scroll down to see the Clinton's playing with the balloons. USA Today USA Today USA Today USA Today USA Today USA Today
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BJ & Jamie: Hillary Calls Out Bernie (Audio)

Hillary called out Bernie Sanders saying she is "tired of them lieing about me". Video of Hillary Clinton: 'I Am So Sick of the Sanders Campaign Lying About Me
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