Evicted Santa

Slacker and Steve - Down the Chimney and Locked Out the Front Door? 1/6 (Audio)

Some people love BBQ sauce okay! But then there are those that will go on a Twitter rant about how it was the worst gift ever and get fired for it. What are your Scrooged stories?
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Next Time, Remember to Hold On To the Tree

I don’t care what people say, paper cuts are the worst. 40% of us have hurt ourselves while opening a gift. When have you been hurt for the holidays?
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Stamp on an Envelope

Slacker and Steve - OPP - When Sending Holiday Cards, Does It Matter What Kind of Stamp You Use? 12/4 (Audio)

With the culture that we are in now, anyone can be offended by anything…even postage stamps? That’s why Skylar called us. She’s sending letters and gifts, but should the choice of postage stamp matter? Is it a slap in the face to the recipient?
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Embarrassed Woman

Slacker and Steve - This Thanksgiving, She Was Thankful for a Clean Pair of Underwear 12/2 (Audio)

Hopefully everyone has a great Thanksgiving, with plenty of food, time spent with friends and family…blah blah blah…We want to hear about the CRAZY things that happened! Who fought who? Anyone taken to the hospital? What happened at your Thanksgiving?
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Where to See Santa in Denver

Maybe it’s for them, maybe it’s for you, but spending a little time with Santa is a Christmas tradition for plenty of us. Here’s where you can find St. Nick around the Denver area this holiday season. Cherry Creek Shopping Center This year, along with their Christmas pictures, your son or daughter...
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - He Decided to Do Something Different for Her Birthday, and She's Not Happy About It 4/25 (Audio)

Will and Maddie can’t agree on if they should get each other one big gift for the year, or continue to do little gifts for holidays and birthdays. Will has a great idea and is ready to give Maddie what she wants and needs as one gift for the whole year. Maddie wants the little gifts so she has...
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BJ & Jamie- 100 Million Amercans Will Travel For The Holidays. 12/17

Jamie will be One of One Hundred Million people that will Travel for the holidays. She is not looking forward to all the traveling. She is leaving this weekend to go to Illinois and then off to the Bahamas. Read about the Holiday Travel expectations HERE!
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - He Wants to Enjoy the Holiday Season, but She's Worried About His Drinking 12/13 (Audio)

Nicole is worried about her husband, Graham. Around this time of year, he develops a bad drinking problem. His mother died of liver failure and she’s scared he’s following that path. Graham thinks it’s not a problem and it’s just the holidays. He’s trying to have a good time with the family he...
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Slacker and Steve - Holidays Are A Time for Family, Friends, Fun, and Trips to the ER 12/11 (Audio)

Some have fallen off the roof while putting lights up, others have burned themselves on food, but those aren’t crazy enough for us. One man had a corneal abrasion after getting poked in the eye by a tree. When have you gotten hurt during the holidays?
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Slacker and Steve - Shopping for Ornaments on Christmas Eve Doesn't Leave You With Many Options 12/6 (Audio)

72% of families have a tradition of going to the movies on Christmas. That’s a normal tradition. We’re interested in the weird ones, like drinking chocolate milk from baby bottles while driving around looking at Christmas lights, or making a 6 foot long burrito. What are your weird Christmas...
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