Scary movie

Slacker and Steve - What's the scariest movie ever? 10/9 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve debate scary movies. It’s spooky season!! What’s your favorite scary movie?
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Cult Horror Director Stuart Gordon Dies at 72

Stuart Gordon, the cult classic horror director, has passed away. He was 72. His family confirmed his passing on Tuesday night. Read the full post to celebrate his accomplishments.
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Nope, Turn Around. No House Guests Here!

It’s not that difficult! Clean up after yourself, be respectful, offer to help! What are your house guest from hell stories?
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If You Look Here, You'll See That I Had the Xray Upside Down

Well, he did his job right? He just had a little more fun during it! A dentist did a procedure while on a hoverboard, without the patient knowing. What are your dentist disaster stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Potatoes Give Us French Fries, Vodka...and Safety? 11/25 (Audio)

This is an irrational fear that has become rational. A man was DECAPITATED by the blades on a helicopter. What are your irrational fears?
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Scary Movie

Slacker and Steve - What's the Scariest Movie of All Time? 10/31 (Audio)

WE HAVE THE OFFICIAL LIST. The scariest movie of all time is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” which Steve thought was a comedy. What do you think is the scariest movie of all time?
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Slacker and Steve - Listen Flies, Do Your Worst to Me, but Leave My Dog Alone! 6/18 (Audio)

This is straight out of a NIGHTMARE. A plane was infested with ants! They were crawling on the passengers, the seats, and on the luggage. Another woman bought a loaf of bread that was all butt pieces. NOOOOOO. What are your real life nightmare stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Wait, Isn't This Seat Belt Supposed to Fasten? 5/16 (Audio)

Did you see the video of the window washers 50 stories up, swinging back and forth? TERRIFYING! When were you the most scared?
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Slacker and Steve - Slacker Just Realized He's Afraid of Garage Doors 3/29 (Audio)

Clowns are terrifying to kids and adults, birds are gross and scary, and oat meal/hot cereal makes us cringe. What are your irrational fears?
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Slacker and Steve - This Airbnb Guest Wanted Some Fresh Air, but Took It Too Far 3/11 (Audio)

Oh noooo. A man rented out his condo and returned to find his $50,000 wine collection had been stolen. Slacker’s worst nightmare. The thieves also stole some electronics, pots and pans, and a toilet seat and used a stolen credit card to rent the condo. What are your Airbnb/VRBO horror stories?
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