Slacker and Steve - GMD - She's Carrying a Baby, but He Feels Like He's Carrying the Weight 7/18 (Audio)

Greg and Jen are expecting their first child. Jen is 16 weeks along, and has stopped doing anything to help out. Greg does all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and he needs help. They’re a team, and should be working together, but he feels like he’s carrying the weight. Jen is literally carrying...
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BJ & Jamie: Have women given up on house work? 10/24 (AUDIO)

BJ is asking a simple question this morning... have woman given up on house work. So men have to do all the work now? Callers have their opinion for him! Video of Funny Woman Cleaning The House !!!!
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BJ & Jamie: Date Miserable People dating site! 10/24 (AUDIO)

Bj has the best dating site ever.. it is for the miserable people. Experts are calling it the most honest and real dating site where you tell the truth. If you in a hard place in life or going through something tough this is the site for you. Jamie is a fake liker on Facebook.. House work adds...
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