BJ & Jamie: Houston area slammed by Hurricane Harvey. 8/28 (AUDIO)

Hurricane Harvey is slamming texas and the video and pictures are horrible. There is a picture of a nursing home where the people are sitting in their wheel chairs waist deep. There was also a picture of a man fishing for Catfish in the living room of his home. Reports are that the storm will go...
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BJ & Jamie: Natural Disasters (Audio)

Have you ever heard of the "ring of fire"? It is an area in the pacific ocean where 90% of all earthquakes occur. Jamie was terrified on being an earthquake this weekend when she visited LA which is in the "ring of fire". Good thing we live in Colorado where we don't really experience earthquakes...
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Vegas Confessions

There was a story last week about a couple who got busted for having sex on the world's tallest Ferris wheel, in Las Vegas, in broad daylight. But MORE details have come out, and the story is even CRAZIER than we realized. It turns out the guy involved was supposed to get MARRIED that day . . . to...
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