Human behavior

BJ & Jamie: Tide Pods Are Poison! 1/23 (Audio)

Tide Pods are so bad for you there is a report of what the soap will do to the human body. It is basically like they are doing the Rat Poison challenge. So now different food companies are having fun with it selling Tide Pod Donuts and there is a Tide Pod Shot and drink now. Read about the dangers...
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BJ & Jamie: Your worst Hard-To-Break Habit, According To Your Zodiac Sign. (AUDIO)1/6

Some habits are very specific to the individuals and others may look at them as not a big deal. For example, maybe you chew your hair or bite your cuticles. The truth is, you're the only one who'll suffer the consequences from those actions. Read all about your bad habits HERE Video of The Most...
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BJ & Jamie: New Law in Denver allows Pot smoking in businesses. 11/17 (AUDIO)

A new law will allow businesses to have a Marijuana smoking section.. we won’t be like the Hash Bars it will be like a private smoking area. You cannot sell and consume pot in the same location. There is a lot of questions as to what will happen now. Read all about the new law HERE! Video of Denver...
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