Human sexuality

BJ & Jamie: Denver Mayor Accused Of Sexual Harassment 2/28 (Audio)

Mayor Hancock is in some trouble for some very suggestive text he sent to a woman that was on his staff 7 years ago. Ryan Seacrest is also fighting allegations of misconduct, the woman demanded $15 million because she says Ryan pushed his junk on her. Read the whole story of the Mayor HERE! Video...
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BJ & Jamie: Insensitive imaging has to go! 10/18

BJ said he got a memo about some of the drops he has been using on the show. With all the stuff in the news over sexual harassment, some of the drops are insensitive so management wants BJ & Jamie to be a bit more sensitive. So Sean made us some more family-friendly imaging for the show.
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BJ & Jamie: Harvey Weinstein... Old School Perv. 10/6 (AUDIO)

Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein takes a leave of absence over sexual harassment charges. Now he is giving an explanation.. He grew up in a different time and that is when the attitude in the work place was different and he did not mean to cause anyone pain with the way he acted. Read the whole story...
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