Slacker and Steve - This Is the Clumsiest Way We've Ever Heard of Someone Breaking Their Wrist 1/29 (Audio)

You know all of those electric scooters downtown? They’re pretty fun, but people keep injuring themselves, from fractures to dislocated joints, and 40% were head injuries. We’re just going to say that those people are clumsy. What’s the clumsiest thing you’ve done?
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Slacker and Steve - Holidays Are A Time for Family, Friends, Fun, and Trips to the ER 12/11 (Audio)

Some have fallen off the roof while putting lights up, others have burned themselves on food, but those aren’t crazy enough for us. One man had a corneal abrasion after getting poked in the eye by a tree. When have you gotten hurt during the holidays?
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Slacker and Steve - They Were Trying to Build Him a Tree House. He Got a Ride to the Emergency Room Instead 10/16 (Audio)

A 13 year old was helping build a tree house when a nail went through his skull. It was a millimeter away from causing him to bleed to death. What freak accident happened to you?
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