Head Injury

Slacker and Steve - This Whole Show Is Like One Big Head Injury 3/6 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about getting hit in the head. Normally when you’re hit in the head, it’s a bad thing, but for this guy, it was a really good thing. He was blind, WAS, but after getting hit by a car, and ultimately hitting his head, he regained his eyesight. What have you...
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Woman Attacked by Pizza

Slacker and Steve - Pizza Is More Dangerous Than You Think! 2/10 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve discuss the dangers of eating pizza. Seriously, it causes more harm than you think! What are your food injury stories?
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Next Time, Remember to Hold On To the Tree

I don’t care what people say, paper cuts are the worst. 40% of us have hurt ourselves while opening a gift. When have you been hurt for the holidays?
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Wounded Man with Doctor

Slacker and Steve - No, I Don't Need an Ambulance. I'll Walk! 10/30 (Audio)

One time, I removed a hang nail WITHOUT crying… Meanwhile, this man got shot 15 TIMES and WALKED into the ER. What’s the toughest thing you’ve done?
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Slacker and Steve - "Accidental Discharge" Is Slacker and Steve's New Band Name 8/13 (Audio)

That wasn’t supposed to happen…A Secret Service officer accidentally shot his own finger. Oops. What are your clumsy stories?
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Slacker and Steve - This Is Why You're Not Supposed to Jump on the Bed! 8/6 (Audio)

THIS is why fishing is scary. An 11 year old was fishing when the hook got stuck in his eye and cheek! One woman flipped her car trying to avoid a squirrel. And don’t you dare go to the bathroom during a thunderstorm because the toilet might explode! What are your freak accidents?
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Slacker and Steve - This Is the Clumsiest Way We've Ever Heard of Someone Breaking Their Wrist 7/26 (Audio)

You know all of those electric scooters downtown? They’re pretty fun, but people keep injuring themselves, from fractures to dislocated joints, and 40% were head injuries. We’re just going to say that those people are clumsy. What’s the clumsiest thing you’ve done?
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Slacker and Steve - This Injury Is Going to Be Hard to Explain to the Family! 7/11 (Audio)

No one wants to have a heart attack, but this might be the best reason to have one…A woman had a heart attack because she was “overdoing it” at a swingers festival. What damage did you get while doing the deed?
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Slacker and Steve - Whatever You Do, Don't Light Fireworks In a Toaster! 7/3 (Audio)

Try to avoid the emergency room this holiday, and don’t play with fireworks. Also, just a friendly reminder that absolutely no one is going to watch the video of fireworks you recorded on your phone. What are your firework stories?
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Slacker and Steve - 800 Feet Is a Long Way to Fall! 6/12 (Audio)

NO. WAY. A man survived after falling 800 FEET into a crater lake. HOW?! What are your “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” stories?
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