Internet privacy

BJ & Jamie: Facebook Stock Took A Big Hit. 3/20 (Audio)

Facebook Stock Dropped and Mark Z lost $5 Billon because some guy said they sell our information to a third party for some reason. Some experts say this could be the end of FB! Fingers crossed! Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of Facebook's latest privacy scandal sends stock into downward...
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BJ & Jamie: Fortune cookie writer has writers block! 2/15

The man who has been writing messages for fortune cookies for over 30 years is quitting.. He says he has writers block and just can’t think of anything to say anymore. And another Man was busted with 7 gold bars in his butt. Read the whole story of the fortune cookies HERE Read about the man with...
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BJ & Jamie: FBI: Cover all your web Cams! 9/16 (AUDIO)

The Director is the FBI is saying that every person needs to cover every webcam in thier homes. Hackers are using them to look into our lives way more that anyone expects. Each time we download a new app and we don't read the restrictions we are putting our families at risk. Read the whole story...
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