Jamie White

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BJ and Jamie - Full Show 12/12 (Audio)

The office party got a little out of hand. Jamie got into it with a corporate big wig. BJ had a drone following him.
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BJ and Jamie - BJ's Stories About Golfing With Jamie 8/27 (Audio)

If you go golfing with Jamie be ready for a wild time!!
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BJ and Jamie - Would You Use a Straw Made From Pasta 8/27 (Audio)

This story got BJ fired up this morning!! We've all heard of paper and metal straws, but would you use a pasta straw?
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BJ and Jamie - Full Show - We're Back From Memorial Day!! BJ Was A Hero and Jamie Saw a Shark Attack Rescue 5/29 (Audio)

We're back!!! We hope you had a great weekend!! BJ went to Tennessee to visit him mom and Jamie went to Hawaii with her son!! Sean lied about going to Cracker Barrel and SMH Dil watched BJ's house while he was in Tennessee!
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BJ and Jamie - Jamie's Nut Problem 11/13 (Audio)

Jamie had a problem with her little snack pack.
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BJ and Jamie - Jamie's Ikea Hell 9/24 (Audio)

Jamie's son is getting older. Now that he is about to be in his teens he wants a cool teenager bedroom, so Jamie was buying and building Ikea furniture all weekend.
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BJ & Jamie: Walmart Yodeling Kid (Audio)

Walmart yodeling boy, Mason, is from Jamie’s hometown! He’s gotten his college education payed for by Walmart. Not only that, he’s been on Ellen and gonna sing at Coachella! Good job, Mason. https://youtu.be/bOZT-UpRA2Y
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Jamie White's Fifty Shades Freed Viewing Party

Grab your girlfriends and Join Alice 1059’s Jamie White, AIMM Matchmaking Service and Tito's Handmade Vodka for the epic climax of the hottest trilogy…Fifty Shades Freed! Saturday, February 10th at 11am at the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton . Your ticket includes admission and a mimosa ! Plus, your...
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BJ & Jamie: Jamie did an interview with Westword Magazine. 6/27 (AUDIO)

Jamie really is a local celebrity she has a new interview out today in the Westword Magazine. It is about her whole career and her current position here in Denver. It is a good read. Read the Article in Westword HERE!
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Hillary Clinton VS Jamie White

How are Hillary Clinton and Jamie White similar? BJ and Jamie talk Cubs fans fake and genuine. Are you one of the bandwagon fans? Or are you ACTUALLY from Chicago? Let us know and listen to BJ and Jamie discuss their loyalties and Hillary's.
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