Jane Fonda

Katy Perry brings out the breast pump to get you pumped to vote

Katy Perry is getting particularly pumped to vote. In a new Exercise That Vote video we see Jane Fonda, clad in 1980s workout gear leading her friends on a zoom session to get “in shape for the upcoming race.”
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BJ & Jamie: Megyn Kelly is a what?? 1/24 (Audio)

Megyn Kelly and Jane Fonda have been having a feud ever since Kelly asked Fonda about her plastic surgery on Kelly's show. It spilled over to The View where Joy Behar called her a bitch!!
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WATCH: 'Magic School Bus' Trailer Features New Song from Lin-Manuel Miranda

"To the bus!" The theme song for Netflix's upcoming reboot of the educational cartoon, The Magic School Bus , was just released, and we're pretty excited to see the "bus do its stuff." Netflix 's trailer for The Magic School Bus Rides Again features Grace & Frankie star Jane Fonda, who is...
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