Slacker and Steve - A Code Purple Means WHAT!? 11/8 (Audio)

We recently got interested in the codes that are announced over the intercoms at stores. Code Orange is a chemical spill, Code Red is a fire, and on a ship, Code Oscar means someone fell overboard. What are your work secret codes?
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Slacker and Steve - One Mistake at Work Caused a Whole City to Lose Power 10/31 (Audio)

Oops. A dentist performed work on the wrong girl. The mother said the school never called her and never had her sign consent paperwork. Meanwhile, a jerk paramedic hurt a patient on purpose and bragged about it on Facebook. He drilled into a patient’s bone without anesthesia and also instructed...
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Slacker and Steve - This Woman Quit Her Job and Took Her Shirt Off 10/4 (Audio)

That’s one way to go… A postal service worker dumped boxes of mail on the street and then resigned. What was the wild way you quit a job?
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