Las Vegas

BJ & Jamie: Fox Love (Audio)

Fox News Channel's chief White House correspondent, Ed Henry, is "taking some time off" following publication of a magazine story alleging an affair with a Las Vegas woman, the network said Wednesday. Read More Here
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Vegas Confessions

There was a story last week about a couple who got busted for having sex on the world's tallest Ferris wheel, in Las Vegas, in broad daylight. But MORE details have come out, and the story is even CRAZIER than we realized. It turns out the guy involved was supposed to get MARRIED that day . . . to...
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Identity Theft

YI! In a video posted online, a customer is seen confronting a barista in an incredibly uncomfortable showdown at a California Starbucks. Juana Martinez alleges that she noticed a $200 charge on her credit card for groceries. She looked at the store's surveillance video of the transaction and says...
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