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Slacker and Steve - So THAT'S Why Pen Caps Have a Hole In Them! 6/13 (Audio)

The tiny black hole on the back of an iPhone? That actually has a purpose. It’s a microphone, for when you’re taking a video facing that side as opposed to the front. Blow our minds with your facts!
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Slacker and Steve - Everyone Loves Pizza, but How Much of It Do Americans Eat Every Day? 12/26 (Audio)

Did you know that birth control pills work on gorillas? Or that, Americans can eat up to 18 acres of pizza in one day? The world is a complex place, full of bizarre facts. It can be fun to learn about the odd wonders of the world. What's the craziest fact that you know?
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Slacker and Steve - We Might Actually All Be Related 11/26 (Audio)

Soo..We all could be related. These scientists believe that all modern humans descended from just two people hundreds of thousands of years ago after an event that nearly wiped out the entire race…Your turn to share some knowledge. What are your fun facts?
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