Bj & Jamie: Caitlyn Jenner has finally done it!! HOO HA HOORAY!! 4/11 (AUDIO)

Caitlyn Jenner finally had the surgery to remove penis. Had surgery back in Jan…wrote a book “Secrets of my Life” talks about the surgery. Read more HERE Video of Hoo Ha Hooray!! Video of Caitlyn Jenner Makes Shocking Announcement She's Had Sex Reassignment Surgery
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BJ & Jamie: Simpson's predict Lady Gaga half time performance. 2/6 (AUDIO)

Lady Gaga did have a secret message in her half time performance.. when she sang this land is your land she showed support for the protestors because that is the song they sing during the protests. And the Simpson’s predicted the Lady Gaga Half time show 5 years ago. Video of Lady Gaga: Pepsi Zero...
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BJ & Jamie: Orlando Shooting Victims Have Large Donations (Audio)

Donors are giving to the Go Fund Me page for the Pulse Nightclub shooting victims and their families at a record rate. The account is already at $4.759 million, and is the fastest campaign to reach $1 million in the company's history. One day after the shooting, the campaign had already generated $...
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