Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Has a Chance to Get A Lot of Money, but It Might Ruin Her Marriage 1/9 (Audio)

Melinda's marriage had some rough patches in the past. She ended up meeting up with a friend’s father who was an attorney and had an affair with him. She knew it was wrong and broke it off to save her marriage. Her marriage worked out and she is still with her husband today, but things have taken a...
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Slacker and Steve - That Great Weekend Your Coworker Had? They're Probably Lying to You About It 10/29 (Audio)

30% of us lie to our coworkers about our weekends. Instead of being honest and talking about how you binge watched a whole series on Netflix and finished a bag of Doritos, you’d say that you worked out, went to a bar or restaurant and had so much fun, or went on a road trip. What’s the biggest lie...
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Slacker and Steve - Lies 9/14 (Audio)

When it comes to lies, men are far more likely to lie than women. The number one lie guys tell is “I didn’t have that much to drink” and women’s top lie is “nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.” What’s the biggest lie you’ve told?
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