littlest thing

Upset Man

Slacker and Steve - Trust Us: Don't Get Near Steve's Car! 2/10 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve hear people talk about the biggest fights they've gotten in over the littlest things! Steve can definitely relate when people get too close to his car! What's a big fight you've had?
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Gross Cabbage

Slacker and Steve - Boiled Cabbage Made Their Blood Boil! 9/3 (Audio)

Nothing like some cabbage to stink up the house, but it got so bad in this house that it turned into a fight that ended in gunshots. What’s the biggest fight you’ve had over the littlest thing?
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Slacker and Steve - Her Humidifier Got Moved, and It Got Her Steamed 3/27 (Audio)

A shady man shot his cousin in the leg after an argument about sunglasses. Another man attacked a woman because she wouldn’t share egg rolls with him. What little thing did you have a big fight over?
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