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Slacker and Steve - Contrary to Popular Belief, If Bruce Springsteen Asks You For Money, It's a Scam 9/27 (Audio)

The chances that Bruce Springsteen will ask you for money are VERY slim, but people are still believing it. One woman ended up sending “Bruce” $11,500 but it was just someone claiming to be “The Boss.” When have you been scammed?
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Sam Hill: ICYMI- Oreo Hot Cocoa, Lost Money, Sexy Vids and More!

It's Thursday!! I woke up this morning with a sore throat- ugh. I'm hoping it's just that change-of-season temporary funk and I'm not actually getting sick. It seems EVERYONE around here has been battling some kind of infection, but as of yet, I've been lucky enough to avoid it. Maybe it has...
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