BJ and Jamie - Uber Drivers 10/26 (Audio)

BJ wonders if Uber drivers are feeling unsafe with some of these stories about drivers getting attacked.
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Sam Hill: ICYMI- DNCE does Undercover Lyft

ICYMI- I never realized how freakin' funny Joe Jonas is... watch him and the rest of DNCE on Undercover Lyft. Video of Undercover Lyft with DNCE
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WATCH: DNCE Goes Undercover With Lyft

Lyft is back with new undercover drivers. The transportation company hired dance-rock band DNCE to pick up their customers for a day. Joe Jonas , Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee all got together in a Lyft vehicle to have some fun in downtown Los Angeles. The " Kissing Strangers ,"...
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