Slacker and Steve - No One's Judging...OK, Nevermind, We're Judging You 2/26 (Audio)

A couple stole $1.2 million from a church to pay for trips to Walt Disney World, but it sounds like they have a different destination…Why are you going to Hell?
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Slacker and Steve - That Great Weekend Your Coworker Had? They're Probably Lying to You About It 10/29 (Audio)

30% of us lie to our coworkers about our weekends. Instead of being honest and talking about how you binge watched a whole series on Netflix and finished a bag of Doritos, you’d say that you worked out, went to a bar or restaurant and had so much fun, or went on a road trip. What’s the biggest lie...
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - He's Meeting Her Parents for the First Time, and She Wants Him to Hide His Big Secret 10/10 (Audio)

Deanna doesn’t have a problem with her boyfriend’s past, but she does have a problem with telling her parents about it. Deanna doesn’t want her boyfriend to say anything about how he’s been married and divorced. Her parents are Italian Catholics and she knows that they would have a hard time...
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