Slacker and Steve - We're Pretty Sure You Can't Sword Fight to Settle a Divorce 1/15 (Audio)

Divorces can be UGLY! So bad, that one guy asked the judge to allow him to engage in a samurai sword fight with his ex-wife to settle things…What are your dirty divorce stories?
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - Is There Ever a Right Time to Have a Baby? 12/19 (Audio)

Megan is ready to have a baby with her husband, Josh, but Josh is a little more hesitant. He wants to make sure that they are ready, like REALLY ready, financially, emotionally, all of it. The last time he felt this way, was before their wedding and they ended up getting married much later than she...
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Pathetic Proposal

Slacker and Steve - We Can't Believe These Proposals Actually Worked! 12/4 (Audio)

Love will make you do crazy things, like proposing by putting an engagement ring in a KFC bowl. To each their own. How did you propose/how were you proposed to?
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Man Confessing to Woman

Slacker and Steve - OPP - Her Husband Made a Startling Confession. Will She Be Able to Move Past It? 11/27 (Audio)

Today’s OPP is from Candy and she needs your help! Candy has been with her husband for 8 years and the other day he admitted something to her. He told her that before they even started dating, he slept with her cousin. Candy understands that it was a while ago, but she can’t stop thinking about it...
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How is Slacker the Married One?

There are some habits for married couples that some say are okay, and others say are definitely not, like going to the bathroom with the door open, or staying out all night with friends, or telling white lies to make each other feel better. What are your tips to a healthy marriage?
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Proposal Gone Wrong

Slacker and Steve - OPP - He Proposed and Her Parents Aren't Happy About It 10/30 (Audio)

Colton has been with his girlfriend for over 3 years, and he decided to make the next step and he proposed! Well, he skipped one traditional step, and didn’t ask her parents for permission, so her parents aren’t too thrilled. It’s 2019. She’s her own person and can decide for herself if she wants...
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Woman Thinking with Man

Slacker and Steve - OPP - Her Boyfriend Has Commitment Issues, but It's Not What You Think 10/21 (Audio)

Sophia has been seeing this guy for a while, but he dropped a little bit of a bombshell. He’s been divorced 3 times. Is that a red flag, or is this the new normal? Sure, getting divorced once is fine, but three times? What should she do?
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Nervous Husband

Slacker and Steve - OPP - Their Relationship Is Ready for the Next Step, but He's Hiding a Big Secret 10/16 (Audio)

Today’s OPP is from Carl and he needs your help! Carl has been married for a few years now and his wife is starting to talk about having children. Slight problem though, Carl had a vasectomy and his wife doesn’t know about it. He said the topic never came up before. He doesn’t know if he should...
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Mom and Dad with Son

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's Excited to Get Married, but Will They Really Be a Family? 10/14 (Audio)

Candy has a 6 year old child, and is about to remarry, but she has a problem. Her soon-to-be husband told her that even though they will be married, he will not pay for anything that the child needs. Should Candy's fiancé step up and help pay for her child since they will be a family, or does he...
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Couple Fighting Over Money

Slacker and Steve - GMD - They've Hit a Financial Struggle, and She Wants Him to Make a Big Sacrifice 10/10 (Audio)

Kayla and Max have been married for quite some time, and they recently hit a financial struggle. Max has a bunch of valuable comic collections, posters, action figures, video games, so much so, that Kayla thinks it’s time to sell some of it. He doesn’t really appreciate it anymore, and thinks that...
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