Toddler in the Sun

Slacker and Steve - Your Child Has Such a Nice Tan! 2/27 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about bad babysitters. One babysitter wanted to tan outside...and brought the infant she was watching with her! What are your bad babysitter stories?
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Bruce Willis

Slacker and Steve - Bruce Willis Did What!? 2/13 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve hear stories about celebrity buttheads. What was the worst celebrity encounter you've had?
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Slacker and Steve - We're Disappointed These Celebrities Acted Like Buttheads! 10/17 (Audio)

Erin had a great time at Lizzo last night, but Amber didn’t have the same experience. Amber wasn’t impressed with Lizzo’s personality backstage. What are your celebrity butthead encounters?
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Lonely Woman in Airport

Slacker and Steve - If You Spend a Fortune on Your Bachelorette Party, Make Sure Everyone's Going to Show Up 10/2 (Audio)

THAT’S a BAD friend. A groom gave his best man $10,000 for a bachelor party. Well, the best (worst) man EMBEZZLED all of it and didn’t plan anything. What are your worst friend stories?
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Slacker and Steve - If You Can't Beat 'Em, Sabotage 'Em! 7/25 (Audio)

Here’s a fun fact for you: Citroën sabotaged Nazi trucks by moving down the little notch on the trucks’ oil dipsticks that indicated the proper level of oil. That way, after the truck has been used for a while and gets deployed, the engine seizes up and you’re left with angry Nazis. What are your...
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Slacker and Steve - There are Good Neighbors, There are Bad Neighbors, and There are THESE Neighbors 4/12 (Audio)

We don’t want this as our neighbor. A man parked all 38 of his cars on the street. ALL 38. He has a sort of rental car company and his neighbors weren’t too happy with it. What’s your nasty neighbor story?
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Slacker and Steve - These People Wish Their Neighbor Would Leaf Them Alone! 3/21 (Audio)

A man paid $9,000 for a six-foot fence to contain his dogs, but a neighbor complained about its height. He chopped the fence down to the allowed height of three feet and positioned several naked mannequins sitting around a table with a note that said “Reserved seat for the nosey neighbor that...
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Slacker and Steve - These Bosses Are Nothing to Phone Home About! 2/28 (Audio)

There’s that saying that you need the bad to appreciate the good and that definitely applies to bosses. Does your boss constantly change their mind? Do they say yes to everything? Do they gossip? If yes, you probably have a bad boss. What’s your bad boss story?
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Slacker and Steve - Most Road Rage Starts ON the Road...but Not This Time! 1/28 (Audio)

One time, I accidentally cut someone off while driving. He sped up, looked at me and gave me a thumbs down. That hurt. Meanwhile, this guy is stuck on the hood of an SUV for three minutes while the driver speeds up to 70 mph. What’s the worst road rage you’ve seen?
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Slacker and Steve - Some Celebrities Are Either Pleasant, or Prickly 1/23 (Audio)

Meeting a celebrity can be exciting, but sometimes, it can really be a letdown. For these people, they had great experiences, like meeting Carrie Fisher. When have you encountered a celebrity?
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