Grossed Out

Slacker and Steve - It Happened...We're at a Loss for Words 8/5 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve search for words. We finally found a story that left us speechless. A man unfortunately lost his junk, and doctors have found an interesting way to help him!
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Awkward Doctor

Slacker and Steve - Wow, That's an Interesting Tattoo You Have There! 12/3 (Audio)

OHNOOOOO! A pregnant woman admitted she had a “happy ending” during her pelvic exam with her OBGYN. What are your awkward doctor stories?
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Slacker and Steve - The Doctor Thought He Was Doing His Job by Removing This, but It Turns Out She Needed It Afterall 11/6 (Audio)

You go into a surgery thinking everything will be fine, but then this happens. The doctor removes something they weren’t supposed to. Oops. That's exactly what happened to this woman. She went in for a spinal surgery and the doctor removed her kidney thinking it was a tumor. What’s your medical...
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BJ & Jamie: Woman finds Worms in Her Eye. 2/13 (Audio)

There is a woman from Oregon that found 14 worms in her eye! The Doctors say this worm is usually only found in the eyes of cows. The worms are spread by flies that feed off of the fluid from eye balls. Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of Ore. woman plucks 14 parasitic worms from eye after infection
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BJ & Jamie: Tom Petty Died From Accidental Overdose. 1/22 (audio)

The report was that Tom Petty died of an Accidental over dose. He had several types of drugs in his system. Also the Baseball pitcher who died in a plane crash also had drugs in his system when he crashed his plane and died. It is time to outlaw Ambien. Read the whole story HERE! Video of Legendary...
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BJ & Jamie: Norovirus in schools and Cuisinart re-call. 12/14 (AUDIO)

Norovirus out-break in Centennial has closed the school because the students and teachers.. Jamie is feeling a bit sick this morning. They have to disinfect the entire school.. how does that work? There is a recall for the Cuisinart chopper things 8 Million have been recalled. Read the Norovirus...
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BJ & Jamie: Paper Cut Scare (Audio)

A New Jersey man got a paper cut and it almost killed him, it turned into a life threatening medical emergency. The man had a little cut on his finger, and it turned into sepsis and a three week medically induced coma. Sepsis is usually caused by a flesh eating bacteria that can cause organ failure...
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