BJ & Jamie: Lonley Men Find SIRI Sexy. 9/20 (AUDIO)

There are Lonely men all over the world that just cant find a nice sexy girl to talk to.. So they are turning to SIRI! Read all about this story HERE Video of 15 Secret Siri Commands You Need To Try
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Bj and Jamie: Women reveal what they really find attractive about men. 4/20 (AUDIO)

Women, what makes you fall for a guy? Is he romantic, a manly man, is he sensitive? What is it that makes your heart melt? Men, here are somethings you might want to know. Read more HERE Video of Women reveal what they REALLY find attractive in men
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BJ & Jamie: Have women given up on house work? 10/24 (AUDIO)

BJ is asking a simple question this morning... have woman given up on house work. So men have to do all the work now? Callers have their opinion for him! Video of Funny Woman Cleaning The House !!!!
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