Slacker and Steve - Um...Yahtzee? 9/19 (Audio)

There has to be a Yahtzee in there somewhere! A truck took a turn too sharply and spilled 216,000 gaming dice all over the highway. What’s the biggest spill you’ve had?
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Slacker and Steve - Honey, We're Gonna Need Some Thicker Doors! 5/13 (Audio)

How ruff. A dog ran away from home to go to one of his favorite places: doggy daycare. He ran more than a mile to see his friends. Worth it. Another dog accidentally ran a half-marathon after being let outside to go to the bathroom. What a good pup. What are your doggy damage stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Taking On a DIY Project Can Open Up the Flood Gates 3/28 (Audio)

There are some things that are an easy fix, so no need to call a plumber…but then something happens…and now the whole floor is flooded…should have called a plumber. What are your DIY disaster stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Excuse Me Sir, That's Not a Parking Spot 3/1 (Audio)

Birds, golf balls, and cars are all “common” things that hit houses. This house was hit with lightning and it was caught on camera. What’s the weirdest thing that hit your house?
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Slacker and Steve - Her Family Let Her Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Three Years In a Row...and It Was a Disaster All Three Times 11/13 (Audio)

Tis the season…for cooking catastrophes. These are the most common excuses people will use when they don’t like your cooking: “I’m saving room for dessert,” “I had a big breakfast,” and “I’m on a diet.” What’s your cooking catastrophe story?
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