Slacker and Steve - His Spill at Work Was So Bad They Had to Shut the Whole Store Down 11/6 (Audio)

That will take a while to clean up. A pharmacy truck collided with an 18 wheeler and sent prescription drugs and syringes all over the highway. One person spent hours making his famous chili (the secret is to under cook the onions.) It was a recipe passed down for generations, but when he showed up...
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Slacker and Steve - One Of The Guys Keeps His Old Christmas Trees, and it May Not Be Who You Think 10/9 (Audio)

It’s totally normal to save some things with sentimental value, but when people buy things on sale without having an actual need for it and have a hard time throwing away literal trash, it’s more of a serious problem. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve held on to?
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