Michael Phelps

BJ & Jamie: 10-Year-Old Clark Kent Beats Michael Phelps' Records 8/2 (Audio)

BJ shared a story about a 10 year old kid who is named Clark Kent and has broken Michael Phelps swimming records over the weekend. The Record was set in 1995 and Clark beat it by an entire second. Clark is not only a great swimmer, he also plays piano, does karate, and writes code for his schools...
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BJ & Jamie: Michael Phelps to Race A Great White Shark. 7/10 (AUDIO)

Earlier this month, it was announced that 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps had grown tired of racing humans and will instead race a great white shark. That race, which will air on July 23 for Discovery’s Shark Week, now has a super intense trailer with an appropriately dramatic name:...
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BJ & Jamie: Michael Phelps wins another Gold in RIO! 8/10

Michael Phelps won his second and THIRD gold medals of the Rio Games Tuesday. Phelps has now won 21 gold medals in his Olympic career, and 25 medals in total. First, Phelps regained his Olympic 200-meter butterfly title by beating the man who took it away from him four years earlier. Phelps dusted...
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