Sam Hill: Melt-Resistant Ice Cream, Custom Meteor Shower and More!

Where do American's want to work? Google used to hold the top spot but has recently been dethroned by Amazon according to LinkedIn. You can follow the link in this tweet to read the rest of the story. This year's #LinkedInTopCompanies are cultivating new cultures for their customers and employees...
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Sam Hill: "Luck Yeah" Crappy Lottery Slogan and The Cutest Weatherman Ever

Was the New Hampshire Lottery's new catch phrase of "Luck Yeah!" clever? Kinda... but offensive? You tell me. New Hampshire Lottery swears off using its ‘Luck Yeah!’ campaign over profanity concern. https://t.co/s2mzAZJW3h — Boston.com (@BostonDotCom) March 21, 2018 Alrighty... those of you who are...
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Sam Hill: Die to Live Forever, Rent the Field of Dreams House and More!

Would you be willing to die to live forever? I know, that doesn't necessarily make sense, does it? There's a new tech startup that claims they can perfectly preserve your brain so that in the future, you can be downloaded into a computer or a robot (when and if that tech is avail). But there is a...
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Sam Hill: Doomsday Prep, Amazon Sells Tiny Homes and More!

Hey- just when you thought you could buy everything but a house on Amazon... we find out you CAN actually buy a house on Amazon. A tiny house, but a house nonetheless. #TinyHouse https://t.co/ZSg6yB40DC You can actually buy a (tiny) house on Amazon | https://t.co/CtTlvXnwkC https://t.co/ZSg6yB40DC...
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Sam Hill: Finally, a Good Reason To NOT Make Your Bed

The legos of the future will be made of a sustainable plastic! But I bet it will still hurt like hell when you step on 'em. Making all LEGOs from BIOPLASTIC by 2030 "It sounds highfalutin, but it's our belief that we owe it to children not to damage their planet by making their favorite toy," said...
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Sam Hill: Tooth Fairy Getting Cheap, Girl Scouts Fierce Sales Tactics and More!

I can't remember the last time I had a Big Mac- and I think I've only had a few in my entire lifetime. Nothing compared to the dude that is on his way to eating his 30,000 Big Mac! Whoa!!! The world record-holder for Big Mac eating is set to break the 30,000 barrier — and he won't stop there. https...
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Sam Hill: New Peeps and Where to Get 'Em Plus The Return of the Banana Phone!

There are new Peeps flavors but if you want to try the lot of them, you'll have to hit up King Soopers, Target and Walmart depending on whether you want to try 'mystery' flavors, filled Neopolitan or pancakes and syrup. In Peeps news... Yeah, I would totally try the pancakes and syrup one. https://...
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Sam Hill: Lobster Emoji Is Fixed- Whew!

First off, Adam Levine (Maroon 5) and Behati Prinsloo had their baby girl!! Gio Grace is her name. Awwwwwww. If you were super pissed about the lobster emoji being slightly incorrect, you can now rest easy. The little lobster now has the correct amount of legs. -- Presenting a lobster with the...
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Sam Hill: A Tequila Shortage and The Most Frivolous Lawsuit I've Seen Today

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I have some potentially bad news for those of you that just looooove your tequila. We could be facing a tequila shortage! Goodbye, margaritas? The world is headed toward a tequila shortage https://t.co/TAkw79f98J — CMG National News (@CMGNationalNews) February 8, 2018...
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Sam Hill: Robots, Cockroaches and Horses in Drive-Thrus!

Robots can now open doors... and did anyone see the episode of Black Mirror with the robot dogs? This one looks a little toooooo similar for comfort. Ugh! Video of Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand? Some package thieves got a little more than they bargained for... serves 'em right! Thieves steal...
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