Man Hates Milk

Slacker and Steve - Don't EVER Offer Slacker a Glass of Milk! 2/20 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve hear how people were scarred for life. Slacker can't stand anything white and creamy. What's something that scarred you for life?
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Man Drinking Milk

Slacker and Steve - Steve Drinks HOW MUCH Milk!? 1/7 (Audio)

We all know someone who has a purse Chapstick, a car Chapstick, a work Chapstick…guilty. Or someone who can’t go a single day without coffee…guilty…or someone who can’t stop eating baby powder…not guilty. What’s the harmless addiction you have?
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Slacker and Steve - Chocolate Milk Might Actually Be Gross 10/11 (Audio)

Names like Sharona, Roxanne and Delilah have been ruined by songs. The act of inviting someone over to literally watch Netflix and hang out has been ruined. The word “daddy” has been DESTROYED. What was ruined for you?
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BJ & Jamie: Bad timing for a Recall! 11/23 (AUDIO)

Heinz Pork Gravy recall for wrong product in the jar.. the product is still safe but may not have Pork Gravy in the jar it could be Au Jus! So we play the game 'This is like BLANK'. Recalling Gravy before Thanksgiving is like recalling fireworks before the 4th of July! Read about the RECALL HERE...
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Ruined For You

Slacker can attach a negative connotation to almost anything in the world. He doesn’t eat anything white and creamy because mom forced him to drink sour milk. His mother ruined all things white and creamy. Slacker also had his heart broken in a retail store that he loves, making him never want to...
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