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BJ & Jamie: Miss America Pageant Removes Swimsuit Competition 6/6

The Miss America pageant is no longer a pageant it is a competition. They have eliminated the Swim suit part of the competition and the evening gowns. No woman will be judged by their looks. What will this do to the children’s pageants? Read the whole story HERE Video of Miss America drops swimsuit...
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Miss America Ends Swimsuit and Evening Wear Competition

Miss America is dropping its famous swimsuit and evening wear competitions. In fact, contestants won't be judged on their physical appearance at all. Miss America Board of Directors Chair Gretchen Carlson made the announcement Tuesday on ABC’s Good Morning America. “We are no longer a pageant,”...
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WATCH: Miss America & Ocean Park Standoff Do 1Thing to Help the Enviornment

What do Miss America and Ocean Park Standoff have in common? Well, they're all committed to making the world a better place. Miss America 2017, Savvy Shields , told us that she's mindful of where she buys her food, and Ocean Park Standoff helps pick up trash. Plus, we heard from Lanco , G-Eazy ,...
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