BJ & Jamie: Pittsburgh Mom Uses Brick To Bustout Teachers Teeth. 10/20 (AUDIO)

A woman who admitted to attacking her daughter’s teacher was arraigned Thursday night, and new details of what led up to the attack have been revealed in a criminal complaint. Police said Daishonta Williams went to King pre-K-8 on Wednesday for a conference about an incident involving her daughter...
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BJ and Jamie: 12 Year Old Witnesses the Birth of Her Baby Brother

A young girl in Mississippi participated in the delivery of her new baby brother. Watch her response. 12 year old delivers baby brother.
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OPP: Tattletail Teacher

YI! Candy is today's OPP, and she is a teacher at an elementary school. She is not sure how to deal with a child in her 3rd grade class who wears lots of make-up and acts older than she is. The chid's mom is a teachers assistant at the school, and she sees her often, but she is not sure if she...
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